Constellation 1: Concept

In this first initial lecture the lecture gave a run down on what we would be doing for the first term, over all qualities we’d be expanding on and the fact that we’re starting with a clean slate, it was by Ashley Morgan.

As well as this blog needing to exist.

Great start.

I remember while I was sat in the lecture feeling like it was a pretty good to be able to say everything (near enough) of what we would be doing for many many weeks in such a short span of time. Although, I did leave feeling pretty apprehensive because of the dread of essay writing and research, which is pretty normal. I haven’t written many essays in my life and don’t have that much confidence in my english language skills.

That being said, constellation will be a great opportunity to improve upon those areas.

Besides that, it seems fine. Essay dread and the initial freshers stress of being filled with as much information as humanly possible seems normal.

I did find it interesting once we had our meeting with our subject tutor Cath Davies for a bit of a more in-depth session that we ended up looking at baby cages as our subject on controversy, since I had seen them before on what basically amounted to a “look at x amount of shocking/funny/description word things” website called

With the word limit it seemed like it would be a very difficult project to go into well, although I didn’t necessarily think it was a good idea to start too early before I knew exactly what we all needed to do (and had gained a bit of footing on the whole “in a new place, oh it’s so scary” thing).

Well, this is probably too informal a way to be writing this blog but I’ll soon see once I check the example post again if I need to reword anything.


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