Constellation 2: Post Perspective

This lecture was delivered by Dr Jon Clarkson. The lecture in short talked about perception, our brains auto-correcting areas in an image which if we look a bit closer aren’t actually normal at all and how all manner of artists have manipulated images and perspectives to try to make us think.

I honestly didn’t find the manner the subject was delivered in that interested, but took notes as much as I could since theoretically it is extremely exciting. I mean, if you can combine several view points we logically would never see together and still trick the minds eye into believing them (or make it so you have a chance to stare at it long enough to pick the image apart, like if an image was on the side of a billboard or a building and you seen it while waiting to travel home).

The slight history lesson on how perspective was achieved and pretty much invented only several hundred years ago was much more interesting to me compared to actual contemporary uses for some reason. I’m not sure if it might be because I find history pretty cool to hear about or if I’m just not interested in applying this kind of idea to my own work but it made me start thinking about it at the very least.

Not so sure I could ever implement it, perspective itself sure. The more inventive perspective theories, possibly not but I’ll keep an open mind there.

As for the study skills on this day, I enjoyed it. The subject was analysing imagery (in this case James Bond advertisements) which we did in small groups. Unfortunately, we were all still fairly new to each other so I was in a group where a lot of us didn’t try to talk very much. I ended the session feeling like I’d learnt a lot about reading more into imagery, symbols and symbolism as well as placing and composition.

It did feel like a great start to the project.


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