Time Passing 1&2

passing time 1 1 passing time 1 2

So the object for the first half of this project was to create 40 images from 1 photo, practising composition, colour, dynamics and perspective (or lack there of) in the process. I began the process by analysing this image (above) and creating some simple thumbnails of images I could make.

My image is below:

time passing 1 3 time passing 1 4 time passing 1 5 time passing 1 6 time passing 1 7 time passing 1 31time passing 1 8 time passing 1 9

The time limit was two weeks so in the end I tried to think up as many variations of angles as possible, which was very difficult. I selected them with stars to remind myself which I thought would work, be it due to the curves I thought could act well in an illustration, the general composition that seemed to work well with all the other forms in the thumbnails and the scenes which I wanted to depict.

time passing 1 10 time passing 1 11 time passing 1 12 time passing 1 13 Time Passing 1 14 time passing 1 15 time passing 1 19time passing 1 18time passing 1 16 time passing 1 17   time passing 1 20 time passing 1 21 time passing 1 24time passing 1 26   time passing 1 25  time passing 1 27 time passing 1 28 time passing 1 29 time passing 32time passing 1 22time passing 1 23time passing 1 30

When I was making all 40 of these images I tried to use as much materials and varying styles while depicting things as possible, some didn’t turn out as well as others, such as the green image a little above which I used fine liner and what was essentially a fibre tip pen but ended up leaving an unclean hairy texture due to it just not layering very well.

Others ended up muddied with not enough value in their colours, which seems to be due to my preference for going towards muted or mild colour schemes.

I think overall I am happy just with the sheer amount I produced which isn’t all legitimate sketches or black and white or just lineart. I did put much more time into some of them than others, such as the painted image of the child looking at the mysterious man which took several hours compared to the rest that mostly took between an hour and half an hour.

I certainly think the exercise is very good for producing a lot of work that explores more interesting imagined scenarios from something that could be argued to be a pretty boring photo. If I did this again I think I’d look up how to draw hats or cats or dogs a bit more instead of relying on the memory or general familiarity with marks. Live and learn.

~~~~Time Passing 2~~~~~

For the second half of this project, and I know I should have put this separately (I screwed up with making my place holder blogs and it’d be weird to see one time passing right at the top and another right at the bottom when compared to the other blogs positioning) we were to create a scenario based on or from one of the images we created in the 40 series of images.time passing 1 28time passing 1 16time passing 1 12

The top left image, top middle and right-left images were all inspiration for what turned into a story about a little monster I dubbed a “moon baby” coming down to earth, rescuing a lady (by hurting someone else) and being sealed into a little girl who then grows up, falls in love and gets shot by possibly a cult that worship said moon baby.

Yes this story sounds kind of insane. The thing with the images I picked inspiration from is that several have to do with someone dying (a loved one) and the two with people peeking or standing on roofs at the time when I made them were like if someone was spying on a reconnaissance mission or something to that effect.

time passing 2 1 time passing 2 2

Above a test sheet and roughish script.

Below are thumbnails and some general ideas that sometimes weren’t used.

I think in general with this half of the project I found it difficult to think of a coherent story (so it also went off the wall bonkers when I did come up with a story) to work the images into one and other, so I ended up with a lot of pages I drew up (which aren’t on here but are in included in my portfolio) which I did like the idea of but at the last minute after I’d made them realised that they maybe weren’t necessary to make the story work. Like, it began with moon baby, comes down to earth, finds this nasty man, he does something to the baby and moon baby basically goes berserker on him. Then the baby meets a rather nice lady and all is happy until people come to take the baby away and shoot the lady.

And then it escalates into the creature turning all crazy, having a cult worship it and then being sealed as a great evil into a child.


was really unnecessary even if I liked a couple of the frames (starting with the baby coming down to earth and ending with the shooting of the baby’s new friend).

I am very glad I got rid of those panels because even if I liked them visually or thought I executed something I wouldn’t normally it didn’t really work in the grand scheme of things with keeping the story less confusing. I mean, it is already confusing, no need to add an extra layer of nonsense to it.

time passing 2 3time passing 2 4

time passing 2 3

As for the materials I used, I used a mixture of ink, paint, pencil, markers and fine liners. I changed it depending on the scene and tried to make each of the pages different to one and other but in the overall same shape (obviously with the except of the last four which differ because now the woman is dead and I thought the longer layout might draw the eyes down somewhat).

I tried to keep blue running through out most of the images as a sort of joining colour atmospherically, although it looks like I neglected to do that in some, such as the pages with very heavy black areas which were difficult to say the least to even begin with. I think those ones are probably my weakest in this half of the project, 2 to 5 are all vastly different images but the first three suffer from basically looked like they’ve been scribbled and then 5 as much as I could say I would like it on its own hasn’t got dark enough shading to really work as a scene transition between the sloppily painted sealing of the moon baby and the sealing into the child.

In fact speaking of the sealing, I never quite managed to get that to look how I wanted it to. It was supposed to be a flowing scene of a woman and the creature in distress while against both their best wishes the moon baby is sealed away into a type of slumber. But instead it kind of just looks like a collection of scribbles and a poor attempt at a scene. While the others I am not happy with because I couldn’t work in enough of a variation in tones and colours on top of the black masses involved.

time passing 2 final12  time passing 2 final11   time passing 2 final10time passing 2 final9 time passing 2 final8time passing 2 final7time passing 2 final6time passing 2 final5time passing 2 final4time passing 2 final3

time passing 2 final2time passing 2 final1

In terms of the ones I like, I am really happy with all of them from 1 and 6 to 14, sans 13.

I wanted scene 13 to be a touching reunion or last moment between two loved one that could have lasted seconds or lasted hours but I didn’t render it well enough in my mind for it to appear as anything more than two crudely coloured silhouettes. It was disappointing, but also at the point where I couldn’t fix it without scrapping it and restarting the scene.

Anyway, back to the others, I felt like there was a good variation of textures, levels of layering, colours mixing well with others and just in general getting the ideas I had down properly without screwing them up miserably. To make a case and point, the left most scene above this writing was a scene I struggled with originally, I tried it on a different piece of paper which included the woman’s face shut and head bleeding between his legs and found that the composition didn’t necessarily work. For one thing, the angle and shape of her head didn’t make any sense between his legs, the legs were drawn stiffly and those two clashed quite furiously with each other. Where as with the new scene, I struggled to blend the colours together and found that overlaying blue marker on top of the ochre yellow ink I used managed to make it work together.

Obviously none of these are perfect, I think pretty much all of them had mistake I needed to cover up with colours or mark making or improvise when the ink or paint bled in a direction I hadn’t expected but I tried to be versatile in those cases and adapt to those unexpected challenges.

I do think if I did a project like this again I should research things more as I had in the beginning been very focused on just making the work rather than going into the theories behinds the practices we’re exploring while working and it is a bit of a missed opportunity when you can consider that pouring yourself into a book on this kind of subject (perspective, composition, layout and design) is a very good way to practice especially when the books are filled with examples and not just text on theories.

Well, saying that just makes me want to read books more. So I guess I will strive for more research in the next term.


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