Constellation 3: The Sensorial Object

I missed this constellation due to illness so any opinions I write about are based on what I hear from the recording of Key Note. As such, there won’t be anything written about the study skills because those aren’t recorded (to my knowledge).

This lecture was delivered by Dr Natasha Mayo.

What I took away from this lecture is that your process can inflict upon a new meaning with the materials you use and in what context they are displayed. As well as building upon the piece of art with the process, materials, display and how they impact how you think your work should be displayed.

I think it was a good subject to hear about intellectually when it is applied to ceramics, like considering how a material speaks to viewers and others. It does make me feel like I need to think more about the history and impact the materials I could illustrate upon (or indeed with). Although, I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing to over-think how much impact those kinds of things can on the intended audience.

The other part of the lecture, the look into how these works are created, work spaces and the steps along the way also is really neat. I mostly like that though because I’ve done it before, with friends and acquaintances and it really does give you some quick view into how a person works and what they commonly make.

The theoretical area of the lecture also just kind of reminds me of how people create, or mimic objects digitally, to try to create it the same as we know it in reality, ‘reading’ it the same as we do in real life and what features make it obvious to us in our minds and why we recognise things as what we think they are. Or combining several of thee areas together like printing the history of a brick onto a brick along with the work station and stills of it being made all into the same area.

I’m just rambling at this point. I don’t know I think this is a horribly interesting subject with so many different layers and theories surrounding it and it’s a little overwhelming trying to take it all in an hour with a lot of words I don’t necessarily quite understand along with all these complex theories.


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