Constellation 4: Sonic Arts

This lecture was by Dr Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos. The entire lecture was this rush of enthusiasm over music and machinery just barely crammed into an hour long lecture. And really awesome looking motion sensing swings which ding depending on where you are, who you’re doing it with and presumably how you do it.

I enjoyed the lecture a lot, it really was a subject I’d never thought that much about before because I’m not a very musically inclined person (though I do love to actually listen to music, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to get inspired to draw). It was pretty insightful to a person who has little to no interest in creating music itself. That and history. History is a wonderful thing.

I literally never would have known a lot of the information in the lecture due to my lack of interest in creating music so it was very insightful for me (I took as many notes as possible on the people mentioned).

The inventions like the swing I mentioned above kind of excited me a whole lot so I am wondering if I should research them more at some point just to see what else there is based around an outcome coming from cooperation between two people (the music was nice but the actual human experience seems just that much more intriguing when you think how people will do things if something they like comes out of it).

I’m not so sure I could follow up here much, but I can keep it in mind. Too interesting of a subject not to really.

The Study Skills for this day involved argument and perspective, in general realising that an argument can be swayed towards the writer’s personal opinion, could be factually inaccurate or intellectually falsified. That or it could also be an opinion piece just ranting and ranting, angrily about a subject.

It made me understand a little more how to dissect another person’s argument and had it put into practice while realising some biases I might have in regards to the subject we reviewed (homelessness, exploitation, perspective, etc).


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