Constellation 5: Seeking Controversy

I was absent so I am writing this after listening to the lecture recording.

Delivered by Catherine Finch.

A short lecture on how to critically and analytically look at controversial materials in the library for our essays. As well as reacting to controversial subjects (like the ladies who breast feed grown children)

I was happy to learn about the database (I hadn’t realised that element wasn’t linked to summon). What makes us react to a controversial subject, the context, when, how, what, why, who did what, cultural bias, gender, patent, artist, etc etc. All the different angles and contexts of the imagery. In one aspect it was mentioned that we could find the patent for the baby cage photo on google (which we can’t do because of the rules of the project, but still I feel like I have learnt a lot more from this lecture than some of the others).

Also the context of the time period when it comes to the controversial matter (like the baby picture not being so controversial, vs homosexuality, race, gender)

In general analysing as many aspects of a subject seems to be a good idea both to learn more about the actual subject and to verify the validity of the image (In other words DO YOUR RESEARCH).

Definitely going to listen to this lecture again if I need a refresher on critical analysis.

Although….with regards to the essay I wonder if I have analysed the subject thoroughly enough as I had no idea that the database was separate to summon so I don’t know if I’ve done that right. In general I don’t find lectures good to learn most of the time of exactly what to do and to eliminate if I am going in the right direction with the subject but it is too late at this point to change the aspects of my essay I have focused on and what I have looked at or written.

I find myself constantly not knowing if I have done something right, because I haven’t got that much experience with writing essays. As well as that I feel like it takes an extremely long time for me to be able to figure out what aspect of an argument I wish to argue and just what I am supposed to look at.

I find it extremely overwhelming.

I don’t even know if I am writing this correctly, if it’s too informal or if I am covering the right subject matter or just…anything at all. I think in general that comes from still being in the first term but damn if it isn’t frustrating as all to not know if you’re aiming in the right direction.

(As a side note the videos on blackboard really hate loading. I don’t think I’ve had one even last five minutes without crashing from trying to buffer.)


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