Constellation 7: The Literal and Phenomenal in Art and Design

This lecture talked about what is literal and what is phenomenal in art and design, as well as bridges, analyse of different areas considered one or the other and other such psychological and philosophical arguments. Delivered by Dr Mahnaz Shah.

To be perfectly frank, a lot of this particular lecture went right over my head. I do understand the idea of some things in a piece of art seeming normal and then on closer inspection not actually being normal in the slightest (our brains do seem to love to auto correct everything we see all over the place) however it seems too complicated a subject for me to really wrap my head around. But I suppose that is what these lectures are supposed to be, a big of a taster.

Speaking of a taster, one of the figures mentioned, Kant actually keeps coming up in my research for the baby cage essay in relation to the essays and moral values of a piece of artwork. I feel because I have seen his name stuck onto a fairly large amount of things I have read that I should probably look him up in my free time if only to actually learn who and what he did.

Curiosity is an amazing thing.

But yes, back to the subject of the lecture, the ideas themselves once again seemed pretty wide reaching and interesting in theory, it just didn’t enrapture me as it seemed to for some. I do hope to keep it in mind, but I don’t think some subjects are necessarily ones I find that important personally.

Is x this or is x that isn’t as interesting as what makes x this and why x is made like that and why do we perceive it like that? Which definitely was applied to these ideas in the lecture, I guess the entire spectrum of ideas for it in general is too big for me really to be able to process exactly what they’re supposed to mean in relation to another, in particular contexts…

Just everything.

I’m sorry, I’m rambling way too much on this.

Either way I hope this subject starts to grow on me because it’d be a shame if it didn’t.


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