Field Notes

The object of this project seems to have to do with life studies and observation and writing notes about the object, so I will set to create those in my free time and upload them.

Below are the studies I made, I have my one day book in a separate post.

 photo f16.jpg
 photo f15.jpg
 photo f14.jpg
 photo f10.jpg
 photo f13.jpg
 photo f12.jpg
 photo f9.jpg
 photo f11.jpg
 photo f6.jpg
 photo f5.jpg
 photo f4.jpg
 photo f3.jpg
 photo f8.jpg
 photo f7.jpg
 photo f 1.jpg
 photo f2.jpg

There isn’t really much to say as far as still lifes go, none are particularly detailed or expansive in size as it felt like the idea was to the light of the item rather than trying to carbon copy it.

It does seem like the scope of the materials I used limited it quite a lot, and the mark making became fairly repetitive quite quickly, definitely in need of a vast range of materials for this particular kind of project and I should have used some more varied papers.


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