Zine In A Day

Look up 1

So for one of the projects we made a zine (little handmade magazine) in a day, above is the rather crudely made front cover I did for it. The object of the day was to make it based around studies you did of an area in the art studio, I chose the ceiling. It was a very painful task (the only exception to this is the one study of a pipe on the wall).

The main problem with a choosing an area like the ceiling to explode (as I found out) is that all the interacting lines while they look really awesome together perspectively and aesthetically, is that they are extremely confusing to draw while also trying to navigate the rest of the environment and the repetition of the features within that kind of landscape.

Suffice to say, it was hell to avoid mistakes. So I didn’t. I tried to work with them as best as I could

look up 4look up 5look up 11

When I drew them (or painted them, or splattered them, as is the case for some) I did a fair few horizontally and others vertically on pieces of paper folded into lines of rectangles either horizontally or vertically as well. it created a couple problems when thinking about binding them together. Although, that was solved rather nicely with some masking tape and a bit of a slap dash cover as mentioned before.

I did later sew the pages together into the spine in the most sloppily way possible, putting it through each page since they were concertinaed together instead of being in an easier format with an actual middle.

look up 3look up 12look up 10

What I liked about the general concept of the workshop is that you had the work in the book vary a lot, like these five above and below are all pretty rough, where as the earlier images are quite detailed (only two or three however, there is only so much detail you can look at in a ceiling before your head goes numb).

look up 8look up 9look up 7

The things I can think of changing if I did this again would be:

– Giving the book a standard layout

-Adding notes on my observations

The problem was that I did the images so small that they didn’t have any room to breathe that would actually allow for notes to look unobtrusive. Which is a shame, because in the beginning I did really enjoy looked at how many diagonals, vertical and horizontal shapes there were in the ceiling.

look up 2look up 6

In the end though, I was just thrilled to have managed to made so much in such a short span of time, even if it had made my mind a bit numb and my hand very sore. Fulfilling is definitely the right word for it.

look up new back look up new cover

As an ending note, I hadn’t been satisfied with the way I did my cover originally so a month or so after the project I redid it. The colours on the front look a little bit more washed out in this scan that I’d like but it is close enough without losing everything else. The colours themselves that I picked for the new cover I thought would relate nicely to some of the colours I used inside and the bunting I had painted. In general I really enjoy the look of overlapping colours forming other prettier tones so it was a really fun way to achieve something I hope is more aesthetically pleasing than an arrow pointing up.


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