Constellation 6: Teenage Kicks

Delivered by Cath Davies.

This lecture in particular talked about Dr Martins Boots while looking at the history of the boots in each generations, with the punks, mods, the workers, original purpose, evolved meaning, impact on school, etc. It was a lecture that I thought offered a lot of insight into how you can look at the time line of events of a product or ideas history within a certain area and context.

I took a ton of notes at the time as well, just so I had a good refresher for if I forgot anything or got stuck. I did really enjoy the lecture itself though, the actual practice that was talked about while using the docs to frame it is super useful in the kind of essay they set us I think.

I mean you can have as many arguments as you want about an issue but it doesn’t really mean jack if you didn’t research some aspect of what you’re arguing about to some degree.

….Not that I claim to actually be able to research well enough to achieve that but I’ll definitely try.


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