For this project we had to make something which alluded to a prophecy, a future, an event, etc. In my case I ended up furthering something I had been doing in my spare time which was making gift boxes as I had seen some posts on the internet which piqued my interest in how to implement them in different contexts.

In this case it would be in a storytelling context with an item in each box, and although I didn’t quite finish the project, I wanted a letter or a tag to be included documenting the story of the character on the boxes as he flows through what is presumably a dream like state or world which he shouldn’t be able to touch. I was heavily inspired by one of the stories we were recommended to look at, one of boxes and shadows I believe and how much they corrupted individuals, although I wanted to pursue more of a person getting into a situation he didn’t realise was dangerous and intruding upon the sanctity and privacy of someone’s inner thoughts, feelings, their imagination and dreams.

I had to decide what form I wanted my final piece to take fairly quickly as with all previous projects the time frame for completion was fairly short (and as mentioned before I didn’t quite finish, although I did get most of everything done).

idea 1 prophecy        IMG_2284

As far as ideas went, fairly quickly I had most of my ideas focused onto the dream drifting man who I figured would go through the dreams and gift to his loved one an object he had snatched from the dreams. While I was thinking about the story I felt that he slowly lost himself, identity crisis possibly, or something more sinister like the process sapping away at his very being….but regardless he ends up not being able to remember who he is and possibly unable to escape the place he kept whimsically entering.

I focused on creating the boxes for the first part of development and then creating or theorising on what items could go inside the boxes once I knew what some of the pitfalls of creating the boxes were.

For items to go inside the box I thought to research different flowers, but the amount of things I could choose from what just too vast for me to necessarily narrow down in a quick fashion. So instead of focusing on a general overview of things who could be used with interesting symbolism to them I thought perhaps the items he shown to his loved one could also represent what happened to him.

For instance on the outside he is floating around, traversing something, on the inside there is a hint of what emotional state or situation he is in through the experiences of someone else, along with the tag which was supposed to allude to a point just after he had discovered this ability, in about the middle and as he is lost.

IMG_2280 IMG_2281  IMG_2283  IMG_2282IMG_2279
prophecy 2prophecy 1prophecy 6prophecy 5IMG_2288

In the end I worked up several sheets of colour tests and decided to go with either a purple rose, or a lotus to either symbolise something sinister or rebirth, a bird because he was flighty and free and a doll starting to be damaged. I didn’t exactly know how to implement all of these ideas in the first place but I started with the doll, making one (rather haphazardly) and then making another better one (still haphazardly) which ended up being adequate for what I wanted to do with it.

I thought because I have focused on paper folding in general for this project that it wouldn’t be out of the blue to perhaps try my hand at origami to make the remaining items, which I did, a rose, a lotus and a bird, the rose failing miserable but the rest I pulled off despite being at odds with being precise.

Below are the doll, lotus and bird.

IMG_2232IMG_2231prophecy 3IMG_2228IMG_2229IMG_2230prophecy box 1prophecy box 3prophecy box2prophecy box4IMG_2227

*Of note is the boxes represent where the item would be inside, water for the lotus, sky for bird and in the case of the doll a room of mirrors. The outside is the place between the man’s mind and the dream world, which prophecies his eventual destruction and possible rebirth.

I then created three boxes to house the items in varying sizes, exploring different options for the flaps which are a main mechanic of how the boxes shut in order to both enhance the appearance and possibly add a new layer of construction to it. I haven’t created the little tags or letters yet but I will be sure to do that once my work is back and I did the bare bones illustrations for the work which needs to have more to it. I think once all of these features have been combined that the boxes should work together pretty well, although I am still dubious about the situation with the boxes when they are shut.

*Pictures of finished boxes and all accompanying items to be put here when items are completely complete*

All in all I can say that so far I think I should have picked something with a pre established story instead of trying to create my own simple story inspired by one of the recommended research stories as it took a lot of time to cement in my head.

And I will leave any other opinions I hold on the boxes for when I have completely finished them. Apologies.


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