Constellation 8: Illustrating Complex Ideas

I was ill for this lecture as well so this is from the lecture uploaded.

Delivered by Chris Glynn. Illustrating complex ideas in simple ways to adapt to an audience and medium. In general the talk consists of talking about the human experience, the situation where we need art to communicate ideas that we cannot necessarily communicate with our words, how do we illustrate x and feelings, why and how illustrations and illustrators create things as a starting point so that imagery creates something in your mind which comes alive.

Of note: include your own work in a dissertation, reference yourself. < something to keep in mind.

Illustrating the literal and metaphorical, complex, simplified and getting past the fluff to see what is actually there as well as fluidity in ideas and drawings.

The point of using a small amount of ideas and using it to build up a more coherent idea and concept, concepts that can’t be turned into something simple….

Communication is a flexible thing that evolves, organising and focusing and just trying to stay focused. Finding small things to draw, taking the little things, no reason no rhyme….

Persuading someone visually, how we use imagery.

I really did enjoy this lecture, the above is mostly just rambling of some points made but I feel like they are some kind of important parts. It wasn’t exactly a clear point to it but I think it was there to make people think and explore and achieve self reflection on why we do things exactly.


Why do we need mind maps, why do we illustrate, why, why, why?

And think, and maybe do something nonsensical and then maybe something else comes out of that, that can be spent making something else and the continuum expands endlessly provided something doesn’t decide to stop forever.

So how could that be applied to controversy? Well I do think it could help with being like…I want to look at say child abuse, inventions for children and controversy. Then pick a couple aspects of those areas to explore, and continue on and on. Which is a little too haphazard for me to try currently, but certainly I will at least initially attempt that in the next project.


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