Constellation 9: Joey, The Mechanical Boy

I missed this lecture due to absence so I used the lecture recordings to write these thoughts.

Lecturer was Dr Stephen Thompson. What is the difference between humans and technology, technicity and other such terms. Can we be human, what makes us human, how do we know we are human or aren’t technology ourselves…

How technology could be like a co existence, an existence of itself (I don’t think it is when they are also created from humans, ideas and built upon the realms of knowledge that we have in our different cultures).

The idea of people being ‘primitive’ and technologically advances and the patronising ideas of thinking that ‘primitive’ people don’t have techniques and complicated ideas and aspects to them.

The concept of being human, pure human ness, what technology has done to humans (and the fact we had it before we were the humans we know now).

The artificial human. the condition of being alive, or being synthetic, or added things making us human or not human etc etc.

Ethical ideas and concepts, it sort of brings up human rights when you think about it (like prosthetics).

Software human, human made from non biological materials, why is it human but it still identifies as human….



really neat question.

Extremely scary ideas of something not being right if you replace something or if it is….unnaturally replaced considering our cells die and replace themselves everyday. I feel like the thing with the unnatural replacement part of it is because of our sense of belonging to some parts of our bodies (I don’t know if I’d mind so much the replacement of things internal but things external feel like they need to be there).

Organising data….

The technology in every aspect of life not just technology when applied to mechanical electronic works.

I think it was a really wonderful lecture and I’d love to know more about the subject in some areas or see more on it. Our world is evolving and it’s kind of frightening but I also think it’s horribly exciting and satisfying to see things chugging along at breakneck speed.


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