Constellation: On the subject of the essay

So I finished the essay, so I’m just going to take a little bit of time to write about a few things I went through while writing it.

In the beginning I got kind of panicky, it’s an essay so that’s not unusual. I tried to think and think and think of what areas there were to cover for it and ended up concluding that the areas I was interested in looking at were aesthetics, morals, ethics, the relationship of the cage to the parenting of the child and controversy itself.

Simple enough right? Well only if you have some kind of neat plan in mind. Unfortunately for me, my head is a junk heap and it takes over two months and nearly getting to the deadline date to sort that out, read all my references and hope to god I’ve done things as correctly as I could.

I expect some mistakes, I just hope I don’t get under 40% because perpetual fear of failure is ever looming above everything in life.

So I looked at morals in art and ethics in art…..and then it leads into looking at children and a photographer named Sally Mann, controversies….a small idea to include this thing I read about before relating to child (unintentional but well meaning) abuse relating to child who were at one point very rarely given pain killers while being operated on and all these areas. It all sort of spiralled into a circle and wound up coming together a bit neater these last two or so weeks I’ve been working on it.

I pray I did it right.


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