Field, the City Project

For the second term, field, we looked at the city. The way it moves, feels, communicates, breathes and moves. Conceptual ideas of character and of emotion and life exploding from a hub in a country. This was explored first individually and then in a group.

Individual view:

 photo IMG_20150227_0010_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0008_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0009_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0003_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0002_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0005_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0007_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0004_NEW.jpg
 photo IMG_20150227_0006_NEW.jpg

The entire conceptual side of the project made it increasingly difficult for me to grasp, as much as I wanted to what exactly I was trying to work towards. I explored colours and shapes and representing the city in simple terms, abstraction such as turning the lamp posts into flowers, looked at a handful of artists who depicted the city with simpler terms (all mentioned in my sketchbook) and all in all it didn’t really help that much.

I struggled a lot with the project, mostly producing
 photo P1080938.jpg
 photo P1080936.jpg
 photo P1080935.jpg
 photo P1080934.jpg
 photo P1080933.jpg
 photo P1080932.jpg
 photo P1080931.jpg

I kind of finished the project not really knowing how to end it, with a couple finished things and some studies I like a lot (the colour and block horizon studies) but all in all it all feels extremely unfinished and lacklustre for me.

However budding ideas in the individual project did tie into my part of the group project fairly well.

I missed a lot of the days so my involvement in the gorup feels somewhat dubious, we didn’t seem to really have clearly defined roles in the group so much as sharing ideas and trying to make sure everyone knew what they were doing.

But, the aim of our group was to create a map of the city through a route, explore unexplored aspects of the city but also our own individual aspect. Unknown objects, bugs, and my own subject which was basically thinking of the roads as a veins, capillaries and arteries. I researched famous collaborators as was listed on the brief as well as artists who depicted cities and I believe an individual who created a wire sculpture to look slightly like veins which influence my idea to be slightly off the ground.

Experiments involved paints, scenery, imagery, the flooring of the board itself, wrapping up newspaper to create vein like structures and then painting them, dragging paint, peeling paint, all manner of things.
 photo lili.png
My route.
 photo 11072639_10200381179368776_1789059446_n.jpg
Our divided portions of the map.

I had no greenery in my route so thought to do it as entirely tiling which turned out to be…a bad decision. Applying the relief was extremely taxing.
 photo P1080953.jpg

 photo P1080952.jpg
 photo P1080950.jpg
 photo P1080947.jpg
 photo P1080946.jpg
 photo P1080945.jpg
 photo P1080944.jpg

 photo P1080951.jpg
 photo P1080949.jpg
 photo P1080948.jpg

 photo P1080940.jpg
 photo P1080939.jpg

Throughout the entire project the issue has been clarity of idea and I still feel I don’t really have a clear idea what I mean with my corner of the map but it feels like it’s to relate to the flow and the movement of the city. Although I may have to hand it in unfinished as the relief process for its floor was tedious and means the flooring may not be coloured.

The whole experience with working in a group was a first time thing for me (in an art context) so I was rather at a loss of how much to concede and negotiate aspects of the projects we all needed to mutually agree upon. It was a strange, exciting experience but also slightly frustrating. Which I think is basically a summation of most collaborations.

If I had to do this again I’d never do it as large as we did it, nor make the flooring out of small squares (which just in general was a really terrible idea). Couldn’t say either way if the final piece itself turned out well or not, this is one of those projects where in the end you just feel relief that it’s over.

 photo P1080955.jpg
 photo P1080957_1.jpg
 photo P1080958.jpg
 photo P1080959.jpg
 photo P1080961.jpg


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