The Charity Project (term 3)

If we accept our premise, that the Save the Children Fund must work for its own extinction, it must seek to abolish, for good and for all, the poverty which makes children suffer and stunts the race of which they are the parents. It must not be content to save children from the hardships of life – it must abolish these hardships; nor think it suffices to save them from immediate menace – it must place in their hands the means of saving themselves and so of saving the world.
Eglantyne Jebb, the savethechildren founder.

For my project I chose to look at poverty, be in relative or absolute. Most of the research involved looking at different charities, foodbanks, save the children. Originally it was narrowed down from a laundry list of issues, disability, mental illness, abuse, all the normal subjects of charities and particular works.

The main thing which guided my eye towards poverty was the issue of food banks and the dehumanisation process we see pretty much every day when homelessness  comes into view. It isn’t that anyone actively thinks homeless are poor people arent people but that….idea that maybe they caused it themselves and even then does that justify letting them starve

 photo P1080962.jpg

 photo P1080964.jpg

 photo P1080965.jpg

 photo P1080966.jpg

 photo P1080967.jpg

 photo P1080968.jpg

 photo P1080969.jpg

 photo P1080970.jpg

 photo P1080971.jpg

 photo P1080972.jpg

 photo wheat trial 6.png

 photo wheat trial 1.png

 photo wheat trial 3.png

 photo wheat trial 4.png

 photo wheat trial 5.png

 photo wheat trial 2.png

The main idea I had for the project it involved a wheat field , withering and slowly coming to look like graves (poverty of no supply I guess you’d call it) but then as you get to the graves it tears and moves onto the things people are doing to try to improve conditions. Giving people fishing rods instead of the fish so to speak. I looked at artists like Picasso and in general artists who depicted poverty for the majority of this process, I like to think Picasso influenced the broadness of the wheat in my sketches but really all of these trials exist because i found it extremely difficult to depict.

Another idea involves a woman who while she has a home, has more or less nothing to her name and may soon be losing it as well. I think both sides of the poverty spectrum are important no matter how some may try to downplay westernised poverty as not as bad, people are still dying from it so it must be impactful enough to cause a death.

I’m afraid I struggled quite a lot with idea generation and deciding on things for this project so I haven’t got much to show for it besides a little in a sketchbook and some ideas. Perhaps I’ll add some more things to this post later on.

Absolute poverty (due to food shortage in this case) ideas:

 photo wheat charity_2.png

 photo wheat 3.png
 photo wheat 4.png
 photo wheat 6.png
 photo wheat 7.png
 photo wheat 5.png

The idea for the woman with basically nothing (working, but still in poverty):
 photo homeless sketches.png
 photo homeless lady 2.png
 photo homeless lady 3.png

 photo homeless lady 4.png


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